Battle of the Sizes

Still trying to get used to this whole blogging concept. I often feel as though I have nothing interesting to write about...but something happened yesterday that I thought was worth sharing.

So, yesterday my friend, let's call her Bobbi, and I went shopping for some professional attire. I am frantically trying to find a job and felt like I needed more options for interviews and whatnot. Which, by the way, who knew professional attire was so expensive? Sheesh. But that's besides the point.

After going to 4 or 5 stores with no luck, we decided to check out The Limited. I found a lot of good options and headed to the dressing room to try everything on. There was only one other person in the dressing room area besides Bobbi and myself. Bobbi was not trying anything on so she sat outside and served as my personal Stacy and Clinton.

After every outfit, I would come out and get either the thumbs up or thumbs down or ask the sales associate to please get me a different size. You know, the usual. Now, when asking the sales associate to get you another size there comes the dreaded, but inevitable, question "what size?" I stood there for a second and awkwardly giggled before having to announce to the dressing room, the whole two other people, what size pants I wear. What woman wants to announce to anyone what size pants she wears? I know what you're thinking, NO ONE! That's what I thought too...wrong.

Out of the dressing room walks Miss I'm-a-size-four-and-I'm-a-doctor-and-I-want-everyone-to-know-it. How do I know she's a doctor? Because not only did she announce to everyone in the dressing room, which now included myself, Bobbi and two sales associates, that she was a doctor but she also announced that she wore a size four. Well high freaking five.

Skinny Doctor also decided to invade my personal space in order to get a better look at her size four butt in the three way mirror. Not okay.

I actually kind of feel bad for this girl. She clearly has self confidence issues if she seeks validation from complete strangers regarding her career and how skinny her legs are. I hope you know, Miss Skinny Doctor Lady, that happiness isn't always found by looking at the number on the tag of your can also be found in a bowl of ice cream.

Here I go...

Well, here I am. Starting a blog. I've been influenced by my peers to write my thoughts and stories of my life out on the internet for the world to see. I still have not decided if I think this is a good idea. But alas, here I am.

Starting my blog made me think back to high school when Xanga was really popular. Remember Xanga? That's a rhetorical question considering one, maybe two, people will read this. Anyway, I decided to take a look at my old Xanga. The things I chose to write about...I really have no words. Why in the world did I honestly think that people needed to know everything that I did each day? Is that really necessary? Absolutely not. So my pledge to you, my fearless reader(s), is to not post about the trivial things I do each day. I will try my best to keep it entertaining, but no promises.

Happy blogging.

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